top 10 places to visit in 2019

10. Christchurch, New Zealand

Many people solely keep company with an Christchurch center with its most tragic event — the 2011 earthquake that leveled abundant of town and resulted in 185 deaths. however, it’s not the natural disaster that defines a town — it is the approach they like better to regroup and construct.
Several years later, the Christchurch center has been reconstructed to be respectful of locals and to be additional thoughtful of the setting, making a town that feels right away hopeful and dynamic. Vendors United Nations agency once sold-out out of a pop-up mall of containers area unit currently moving to brick-and-mortar locations, followed by loyal locals. colorful street art regarding hope and resilience has appeared everywhere town. Music performances area unit usually control in rotating venues around the town rather than one theatre or hall, therefore, additional folks have an opportunity to attend.
The elegant town Earthquake National Memorial pays deference to people who were lost, whereas the transformation Cathedral — meant to be, by its name, temporary refuge made from cardboard for locals to travel following the quake — has become a permanent a part of the cityscape.

9. Egypt

The land of the Pharaohs has been hospitable tourists for therefore long, it is a surprise that archeologists haven’t discovered hieroglyphics depiction backpackers.
Sadly, the country’s holidaymaker trade has taken a fight in recent times with security issues and political upheaval keeping several guests away. A Gregorian calendar month twenty-eight, 2018 attack that killed four folks close to the Pyramids of El Giza shows that their area unit still serious security problems.
While that will deter some, others can continue returning to a rustic that seems to be taking faltering steps back on to the thought business circuit.
So what is totally different in 2019? Well, whereas the sand has been selecting deserted classic monuments, Egyptologists are brushing it gently aside elsewhere to find a litany of exciting finds, several of that area unit currently being opened to the general public.
Mummies, sphinxes, tombs and contemporary pyramid mysteries have all been unearthed over the past year, as Egypt proves time and once more it’s more secrets nonetheless to be disclosed.
And whereas safety issues persist, many thousands of tourists to the Pyramids of El Giza, the good Sphinx, the vale of the Kings occur while not incident annually. Likewise, Egypt’s main sea resorts area unit thought-about safe.
Expect a significant business drive by Egypt in returning months because it gears up to 2020’s expected gap of its extremely anticipated Grand Egyptian repository. Until then, there is an excellent chance to beat the crowds.

8. Fukuoka, Japan

Fascinating history. unimaginable chuck. Natural beauty. If the Japanese seacoast town of Fukuoka is not already on your radio detection and ranging, it is time to recalibrate your Japan travel plans.
The capital of the prefecture of constant name and one in every of many host cities for the 2019 football tournament, Fukuoka is that the entree to the island of the island.
It’s an excellent destination for those wanting to travel on the far side the well-trodden destinations like the metropolis, Japanese capital, and Kyoto and see a replacement corner of Japan.
Highlights of this town and its encompassing space embrace the ruins of the 17th-century Fukuoka Castle, the attractive island National repository and Dazaifu Tenmangu, a Shinto shrine that is home to over six,000 plum trees that blossom in beautiful fashion every spring.
And whereas we’re on the topic of blooms, another renowned destination is that the tunnel of wisterias at Kawachi Fuji-en Garden in Kitakyushu, regarding Associate in Nursing hour’s drive from town. Another worthy expedition is Yanagawa, Associate in Nursing hour outside of the Fukuoka, renowned for its picturesque canals.
But we’ve saved the most effective for last: The food.
Due to its seacoast position on Japan’s geographic region, Fukuoka could be a food lover’s dream destination and regarded one in every of Japan’s prime gastronome cities. simply head for the Nagahama Fish Market. The industrial market floor solely opens to the general public once a month however you’ll be able to still visit its restaurants, that area unit open seven days every week.
We do suggest the saving area for a bowl of Hakata ramen although. an area specialty, it is the original tonkotsu ramen and prized for its deliciously fatty pork broth. strive it at Ichiran, a chain found throughout Japan that originated in Hakata, Fukuoka.