top 10 places to visit in 2019

10. Christchurch, New Zealand

Many people solely keep company with an Christchurch center with its most tragic event — the 2011 earthquake that leveled abundant of town and resulted in 185 deaths. however, it’s not the natural disaster that defines a town — it is the approach they like better to regroup and construct.
Several years later, the Christchurch center has been reconstructed to be respectful of locals and to be additional thoughtful of the setting, making a town that feels right away hopeful and dynamic. Vendors United Nations agency once sold-out out of a pop-up mall of containers area unit currently moving to brick-and-mortar locations, followed by loyal locals. colorful street art regarding hope and resilience has appeared everywhere town. Music performances area unit usually control in rotating venues around the town rather than one theatre or hall, therefore, additional folks have an opportunity to attend.
The elegant town Earthquake National Memorial pays deference to people who were lost, whereas the transformation Cathedral — meant to be, by its name, temporary refuge made from cardboard for locals to travel following the quake — has become a permanent a part of the cityscape.