7 Health Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

When people found out about eucalyptus therapeutic properties, they wanted to grow them outside Australian continent. These days these wonderful trees live in many parts of the world. Eucalyptus is valued not only for pulpwood and timber, but more importantly – for the oil made of it leaves.

To make eucalyptus essential oil, the leaves are firstly dried, then smashed, and after that distilled. This all results in getting a pretty concentrated substance that should be diluted – in order to provide more secure medicinal usage.

7. Effective Cough Medicine

Eucalyptus leaves and oil have long been known to be a good remedy for coughing. This is why the oil is often used as one of main ingredients in pharmaceutical products for cough treatment.

Creams and ointments with eucalyptus oil rubbed into the chest to provide a welcome relief from cough symptoms usually associated with cold and flu.

6. Getting Rid of the Mucus

Some coughs may last for a long time, and nobody wants it to be this way. One of the ways to keep that from happening is to inhale a vapor that includes eucalyptus essential oil. The flavor it evaporates helps to get rid of the stubborn mucus which often likes clinging to your throat and chest.