5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

3. Jumping on You

Dogs jump on people because is typically undesirable behavior and they like them.if you come from work or running some errands you dog wants to rejoice at you in return and feel so excited! for a better way is teaching dogs another way more acceptable to share their love and excitement.

4. Wagging Tails

maybe wagging isn’t always a sign of happiness but in general, displayed towards dog owners if a way of affection. if your dog wagging his tail loosely and his body showing other signs like he is so comfort and excitement, he’s very happy you’re around with him!

5. Following You Around

If your Dogs follow you all time for a variety of reasons, and they know that you’re typically the source of their food. dogs are pack animals that enjoy being with their Companion, and following you around is just another way that your dog likes to stick in you and loves you,