5 Signs That Your Dog Actually Loves You

Our dogs are members of our families that’s why we love them – because to us they are really our friends!

We can show our love to dogs by so many ways like take care of and maintenance them, as we can buying special treats and toys.

But how we can know if our dogs love us? We feel that they love us, but it would be amazing if we know for sure.

If your dog does these things with you–then for sure they love you right back just as much!

1. Playing and Roughhousing With You

While this is the most important thing, our dogs like to get play and try to wrestle with us. This way is natural! If you’ve ever watched 2 dogs playing with each other, you ’ll know he’s offering the same thing to you. if you doing a little wrestling to your dog is certainly safe and fun, and will keep your relationship strong and funny and give you a new game to play with.

2. Sleeping With You

Dogs are one of the pack animals, so in the wild wolves and other canids sleep together This helps them to keep warm and feel safe.

and it’s also a way to show you he cares about you and be near to you, that’s a natural way of showing you he is comfortable and feels good about as a family.