[LOOK] 40 clever beauty hacks everyone should know


40. The Perfect Cat Eye


Do you like a good cat’s eye, but do you never seem to be doing well? Do you always appear like a crooked line and notice that every eye is different after graduation? If you do not want to do a 30-minute eye make-up session without frustration, try this suggestion.

What to do: Take a clean spoon and use the handle of the spoon to trace the line. Use the curve of the spoon to create the angle, and then fill it. There! A mint cat eye.


39.  Banana peels help lighten the teeth.



Did you know that you can use banana peels to lighten your teeth? Although some raise objections, many women swear. It is certainly cheaper than a visit to a dentist and also cheaper than lightening toothpaste. Bananas are accessible and do not damage your teeth!

What it does: Apply a banana peel to your teeth once a day for a whole week. Make sure, however, that the bananas are not too mature, otherwise you will not get results. So look at the maturity.

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