11 Korean Beauty Tips That Make Women Over 40 look Younger

7- Shaving Cream to Get Rid of Acne

Although unconventional and not recommended for sensitive skin, the antiseptic nature of shaving cream tends to fight against the bacteria that cause acne.
So, massaging an honest shaving cream made with natural ingredients into your skin and leaving it on for no more than ten minutes can leave you with smooth, even toned skin.
Work this regimen into your routine two times a week.

6- Seaweed is more than Just Food

Either fresh seaweed or dried, unseasoned seaweed can work with this tip. If the seaweed is dried, dunk it in warm water and apply to the face just as you would with a sheet mask.
Repeat the process until the entire face is covered and leave on for no more than fifteen minutes. During this time, the antibacterials and natural vitamins of the seaweed will get soaked into the skin.

5- Use a Sea Salt Toner

If you tend to have problematic skin, a homemade toner with sea salt and water can do wonders to purify the pores. The recipe calls for mixing 1 tablespoon of sea salt with one glass of water warm enough to dissolve the salt. Stir the mixture evenly. Take a clean cotton pad and use it to apply this natural toner to the face, which will detox the skin, remove blackheads and reduce inflammation.