10 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Dog

8. Don’t use a retractable leash for you pup

Michelle Szydlowski is a vet and anthrozoology instructor at Beach College in Leesburg, Florida. According to Michelle, using retractable leashes for your dog can be very harmful.

She says that leashes can be a cause of friction burns when it gets twisted around your hand. In an emergency, it is very difficult to retract your pup using these leashes. Besides, you can also hurt your dog.

Many retractable leashes are made of a thinner cord as compared to a traditional leash. And, it can extend up to 10f. To retract your dog from running, grabbing the leash can lead to serious lacerations and even amputations.

7. Don’t yank on your dog’s leash or use a choke collar for your pup

Sometimes it is necessary to pull the leash of your pups to stop them. However, yanking on their leash can lead to neck fracture. According to Szydlowski, you should never yank on a leash of your dog for discipline. Because dogs have a hyoid bone near their tongue. So yanking can fracture that bone.

Similarly, using a choke collar can be dangerous for your puppies. According to Michelle, the choke collar can be a cause of incomplete hanging. So a dog can die due to the constriction of the neck. If you need to yank your dog quite often, you should try to train your pet.

6. It’s better not to put sunscreen on your dog

Some dog owners use sunscreen on their dogs for protection. However, there is no need of such sunscreen. Because dogs have a thick coat of fur that protects their skin from the sun. So try to keep that away from your dog’s body because that can be toxic for your beloved pup.

Why sunscreen can be toxic? Because it contains zinc oxide. So it can damage the intestine of a pup if ingested. Eating such objects can lead to bloody vomit and bloody diarrhea. So keep such things away from the reach of your pups for their protection.

5. Never use antibiotic without consulting your vet

Products for humans don’t always work for pets. Treatment of pups is crucial when they scrape to cut themselves. However, Barrack, a veterinarian, warns that you shouldn’t apply antibiotics for humans to your dogs.

Even topical medications for people are not 100% safe for your pets. Neomycin is one of the popular ingredients in antibiotic ointments. That ingredient is linked to loss of hearing. According to Barrack, you must consult your vet before giving neomycin or antibiotic ointment to your dogs.