10 Things You Should Never, Ever Do To Your Dog

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To take care of your dog is one of the engrossing experiencing if it is done correctly. Most of the people, even most expert dog’s trainers as well commit some severe mistake that can put your pup in danger. It is not always the case that every time humane does mistakes. However, dogs themselves share a fair part in committing mistakes.
Neither human not dogs are perfect, so both do a lot of mistakes. Some mistakes are ignorable but others can be extremely severe that can lead to danger.
Here this guide will elaborate you 10 things that you should never ever do to your dog. Some of them may appear to you harmless but that can put your dog physically or emotionally at risk so be careful about your pups

10. House Rules

If you want to have a dog to live with you and be your companion, you should know that it will be one of your family members. and as we have rules for our family members so too should we have house rules for our dogs to transform it smoothly from a shelter dog to a loving family member. they need consistency ever more than member.
Dogs have their own natural behaviors not all of them will be acceptable in their new house hold. That’s why you should set some rules to make your dog follow and abide for a lifetime.
Here are some examples for the rules.

Where you will allow the puppy to go in the house. do you mind if it wander through the house or are there are places it mustn’t get in such as kitchen or a baby’s room.

Will you let the puppy on the furniture?. it’s important to decide from the beginning where it should stay and where it shouldn’t do so what ever your choice. Set this rule before it comes home to make it adapt to this ever when it grows up.

Should you let your puppy jump on people it depends on your point of view and whether you see this a cute or bad behavior.

9. Not understanding your dog’s language.

It’s your responsibility as to know and understand what your dog needs and wants. Understanding the body language of your dog is s very important part of communication with it. dogs’ body language is different from that of human. It envolves unique methods for communicating including barks, whines, growls and others. So it’s important to know well what your dog needs and wants when it uses one of these methods.

Here are some examples, -When a dog wages its tail it means that it is emotionally aroused our excited. To interpret and understand the dog’s emotions look at the speed and direction of the wages, the faster the wages are, the more the dog aroused. When your dog yawns it means that it’s stressed and tries to calm itself by yawning. When your dog’s ears are up, the eyes are bright and the tail wages rapidly or means that your dog is happy and wants to play with you. Actually, your dog always tries to tell you something by using its own language so it’s wrong and a big mistake not to know and understand its signals and language.