10 Hacks You Dont Know About Coca Cola That Could Change Your Life

8. Coca-Cola can eliminate corrosion from your battery without damaging it.

Blue Silver Black Car Engine

Coca-Cola will eat away any corrosion from your battery and help your car start much easier. Just be sure to unplug the battery before pouring soda on it. Rinse with water when you are done.

7. You can use it to degrease your cookware.

kitchen utensils on stone washing station

Do not waste precious time cleaning this empty lasagna pan. A little Coca-Cola can do a lot to eliminate these stubborn stains.

6. Coca-Cola can help you eliminate household pests.

Coca-Cola can eliminate some pests in your home. Prepare a bowl of Coca-Cola to attract slugs and snails. The acid in the soda will kill them. You can also use it to get rid of ant hills before they become a big problem.